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So… post-reveal, I’m guessing this prize is gonna go really fast. Hopefully someone will tell Matt about it; maybe he could pay for Mattie’s college–or a better security system.


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AU meme: Idris Elba as John Stewart requested by an anon

My name is John Stewart. I’m an architect by trade and a defender of the universe by appointment. It’s a pleasure to meet you.

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So… post-reveal, I’m guessing this prize is gonna go really fast. Hopefully someone will tell Matt about it; maybe he could pay for Mattie’s college–or a better security system.

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I’m curious if arthur’s previous heart attacks (that angela later told peter were unsuccessful suicide attempts) were actually also assassination attempts

also wtf re: nathan knowing about arthur’s depression beforehand?? didn’t angela just make it up? 

me and transportive have talked about this a fair bit, and like. precisely because nathan knew, it seems likely that there was in fact mental instability in the petrelli family? the fact that neither nathan or peter seem particularly surprised about suicide attempts being a thing to begin with either means that this excuse has been a thing for a long time, potentially to cover something else up, but it doesn’t seem very plausible that there were more than one assassination attempt unless for whatever reason arthur had angela’s mind wiped or altered or something. why else would he stay with her if he knew she was out to get him (and clearly could)?

I’m with mayline-to-westoros that I wish it would’ve been a thing and also appeared more dimensional to arthur’s character. on the other hand, maybe that was the original intent? vol3 rewrote a lot of things in order to make arthur seem more threatening, and if he was meant to be this mob boss type person from the start and not at least partially depressed or with isses it seems odd that they wouldn’t have foreshadowed that better. since they actually are really good at foreshadowing, I mean.

/long ramble whoops

(I just found this thanks tumblr)

You know who we haven’t heard a whole lot about in the Petrelli family? Arthur’s brother, Tim Petrelli. He doesn’t even have a page on heroeswiki. He’s mentioned in one line where Angela tells Sylar!Nathan about when he decided to become a fighter pilot. Maybe he had some sort of mental illness and that’s where that plausibility came from. 

And given Arthur’s reputation, I don’t find it too hard to believe that people have tried to kill him before. I guess the flaw in that logic is that he’s so self-assured in his own safety that any attack that would be serious enough to need a cover story would be enough to snap him out of that so he’d be more wary of Angela. 

New theory: given the similarity between Arthur and Peter’s abilities and the concern back in V1 that Peter could “overload” by absorbing too many abilities (which did put him, a healthy 26 year-old, in a coma for two weeks–and that’s with regeneration) perhaps those heart attacks were caused by taking too many/too powerful abilities. Arthur had to get his terrifying reputation from somewhere (hopefully more than just taking Charles Deveaux’s telepathy)…

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House Week: Day 5 - Favorite Episode

"What’s my necklace made of?"

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in addition to preparing for various apocalypse scenarios, I also like to imagine aggressive environmentalist!sylar. like, idk, replacing all of the styrofoam cups with biodegradable alternatives or infiltrating an oil company to expose corporate corruption

it’s totally plausible since he’d be doing it for selfish reasons–a “hey, I’m gonna have to deal with all of those things in a few thousand years, might as well start now” mentality plus the “look at me, being semi-helpful and not killing people” justification

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Dark Angel | 2.18 Dawg Day Afternoon

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AU memeIron Man AU 

Tony builds Pepper the Mark 1616 armor aka Rescue

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